The Canal Wedding: Stacey and Jon

The Canal is such a fun place for a wedding.  Beautiful views, a swanky restaurant vibe, and right next to the gorgeous Ballard Locks (think stellar photo field trip- right next door!).  Pair that with an adorable couple like Stacey and Jon, and you have an amazing day.

Where do I even begin?  I first met Stacey and Jon over a year ago when they were both part of Laura and David’s bridal party.  (This group is so much fun!)  Once Laura and David had officially tied the knot and the party was well on its way, I can remember someone nudging my arm and pointing out Stacy and Jon on the dance floor.  “Grab a picture of them- they’re next!”

And I did.

Sure enough, I got a very excited email from Stacey just 3 months later.  Love that.  🙂

Fast forward 11 months and a whole lot of planning, and we get to Stacey and Jon’s wedding date.  With such a fun group of friends, the day was filled with so many giggles, jokes, and full on snort-causing laughter.  Stacey was beaming.  BEAMING.  And Jon couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Things I loved:

Birdcage veils.

Reception games that involve all your guests.  (See awesomeness below)

The boys’ socks from Sock Monster (in Wallingford).  SO FUN.  My favorite was Jon’s ‘Kosher’.  (Stacey’s Jewish- get it??!!)  🙂

The speech Stacey’s Dad gave.  I wish I had it word for word to share.  Why do dads always know just the right thing to say?

Bridesmaids dresses- Anthropology for the win!!

Having their witty, well spoken friend officiate their ceremony.  Yeah- bulls eye.

Getting to party with this amazing group again.

Seattle Wedding Photographer photographs the bride getting ready.

Seattle wedding at The CanalSeattle Wedding at The Canal

Shout out to Maricar for catching this sweet shot of Stacey looking at her dad before he walked her down the aisle.  I remember that moment so clearly from my own wedding.  I was so worried about my dad, that I almost forgot to peek at my husband at the end of the aisle.  There’s such a special bond between a daddy and his daughter.The Canal hosts a Seattle Wedding Ceremony

Kristen Honeycutt photographs the newlyweds at The Canal in Ballard

Get ready for a cake smash….  Cake cutting, dancing, and toasting at The Canal in Ballard

SO, I am a huge fan of finding ways for all your guests to get involved.  Stacey and Jon played a FUN game that was a cross between Musical Chairs and a scavenger hunt.  They each chose teams from the crowd, and it was Team Stacey against Team Jon.  It. Was. On.  Such a riot, and fun for everyone.Guests play in a scavenger hunt during the reception


Photography: Kristen Honeycutt

My amazing second shooter for the day: Maricar

Ceremony/Reception: The Canal

DJ: Bamboo Beats

Gown: I Do Bridal

Make Up: Michelle Chappron

  1. Aunt Sue says:

    Fabulous photos! Kristen you are an artist behind the lens. You caught the essence of a perfect wedding / day. Stacey and Jon must be extremely pleased.

  2. Jenn says:

    What a gorgeous bride and handsome groom! Her dress is beautiful and they look so happy! Absolutely wonderful pictures, you definitely caught the love and joy in their eyes!

  3. Richard and Romaine Payne says:

    The pictures are beautiful and it looks like everyone had a great time. Thank you for sharing.

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