Stacey + Jon {Engagement Session at Gas Works Park}

Stacey and Jon were both in the bridal party of David and Laura’s wedding last June, and now I get to shoot their wedding.  How rad is that?!  I remember watching them out on the dance floor- I could have called it right then.  These two are so made for each other.

This one needs to be BIG on their wall.

Really big.

I love how Jon makes her laugh.

Stacey, you’re beautiful.

Drooling over the light that day…

  1. No kidding with the light that day… I am sooo jealous of all of awesome light you guys get up there in the PNW. Beautiful Pictures!

  2. Ruth says:

    Lovely couple. I especially love the hilltop shot. I bet they’re thrilled with these!

  3. Darek says:

    I like all of them except the one when they are sitting by the fence. Emotions nicely captured – they must love it !

  4. Leon Steber says:

    Great flare shots!

  5. These are wonderful. Gorgeous light, beautiful setting, happy couple. A photographer couldn’t ask for more.

  6. Tobiah says:

    Great photos with nice moments captured. As Paul sys GREAT light

  7. Debbie Mayes says:

    The light is wonderful…great job!

  8. Toni says:

    that first shot really is worth getting BIG. Great set all around

  9. Leo Druker says:

    Wow – beautiful set 🙂 I love the very first one with them on the hill – fantastic composition.

  10. Razvan says:

    Great job! that first image is beautiful, I love it.

  11. Kelly Ry says:

    Lovely, lovely light! Your shots have such an intimate feel, even the larger landscape ones.

  12. All of these shots are great, but that first big one is just amazing! I love it.

  13. Teresa K says:

    Gorgeous images Kristen…just beautiful. Nice and clear, clean, and perfectly simple so as not to take away from the couple. Excellent!!

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