Meet My Dog

In case you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting my dog, I thought I’d post his abbreviated biography here for you to read. Haha, this guy’s part of the family, so curl up and enjoy some FYI about my favorite fur ball.

Name: Cohen Erickson-Honeycutt
Birthdate: 12-1-2004
Breed: Yorkie-Poo/Papillon
Favorite Toy: his rubber bowling pin
Tricks: sit, stay, shake, lay down, roll over, sit pretty, high-five, dance, “hug”
Loves: his belly rubbed, green peppers, chasing squirrels, bones, fetch, snow, being carried in bags (seriously), Kristen
Hates: baths
Vices: high-pitched yelp when you first walk in the door
Wishes he were: human
Voted Most Likely to: lick your feet.

And I had to mention this:
Seattle’s weather has been CRAZY this past week. This was the view out my front door yesterday. Yup, that is my beautiful blooming rhododendron… covered in snow. And YES, it snowed again today… after it hailed… twice. It is the last week of March!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    So Pretty, Kristen! It looks like your house should be on the cover of a magazine!

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