Seattle Washington Engagement Portraits: Allison and Richard

Meet Allison and Richard.  You’ll be seeing more of them very soon- I’m photographing their wedding in just two short weeks!  We managed to squeeze an engagement session in before their wedding day, and I don’t think the timing could have been any more perfect.  After this shoot, I’m convinced- Fall is officially here.  I’m totally drooling over all the orange, yellow, brown and green.

Love this- how cute are they?!


Dramatic silhouettes make me swoon.


FYI- I was shooting one handed for this one- hanging on for my life, out over the bluff.  Whatever it takes to get the shot…

I think it was worth

Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.  Yeah, I’m talking to you, Allison.ar1

Allison and Richard, I had a great time with you and I’m so excited for your wedding!  Enjoy!

  1. Very lovely shoot! I especially love that first one with the fall trees!

  2. Eliza Claire says:

    These are stunning, Kristen. I love the light you’ve captured in these. I can’t wait to see their wedding now!

  3. Adore Amore says:

    Your work is refreshing and fun. What a way to capture a great looking pair.

  4. James says:

    Very nice set! love the silhouette one

  5. Oh Kristin, these are just beautiful! I am particularly fond of the last image on the left… where she’s looking up at you and he at her… ahhh so wonderful!

  6. stephie joy says:

    I am jealous of the weather there…I’m in Florida, and we aren’t close to wearing sweaters yet. =)

  7. Debbie Mayes says:

    These pictures are so sweet! You did a great job of capturing their love for one another!

  8. Creative, Modern and Beautiful Photography. Great job.

  9. These photos are amazing! I love how you captured their love to each other. Very inspiring work!

  10. Crystal says:

    Great Job! I’m glad you didn’t fall out of the tree 😉

  11. Kat Forsyth says:

    Lovely set! I love the sun silhouettey one, and the close-ups – you can really feel the emotion!

  12. alfredsalom says:

    Lol, yes I’m glad you didn’t fall out of the tree. The dedication to capture the moment is so inspiring. Awesome job.

  13. James Murphy says:

    My favorite might have to be the death defying shot. Nice work.

  14. Alfred Salom says:

    Such dreamy, creamy autumn colors! Love it. Glad you got to sneak in an e-session so close to the wedding.

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