Hidden Meadows Wedding: Karin + Ryan

TWO DAYS until the new website launches!  Yipee!!  I’m so excited that I think I need to give something away. SO, why not a $100 gift card for Kristen Honeycutt Photo Co.?  Fabulous.  To enter, leave a comment below telling me how you’d use your $100 KHP gift card, go and LIKE Kristen Honeycutt Photographer on Facebook,  and I’ll draw a winner tomorrow.  All comments must be made by 9AM Seattle time Thursday (tomorrow) morning.  Sounds good?  Good!


And here is a lovely winter wedding at Hidden Meadows.  LOVED all the thoughtful details of this one.  How cute are the custom wedding party T-shirts they made for their bridal party??!  And that green, black, and white color palette feels so clean and crisp.

Karin and Ryan, so were SO much fun to work with.  I have the biggest smile on my face looking through these pictures now.  It was such a fun day.  And remember those CRAZY CAM pics?!  Perfection.

Snohomish Wedding PhotographerHidden Meadows Wedding in Snohomish WashingtonSnohomish winter wedding at Hidden MeadowsSeattle Wedding Photographer Kristen HoneycuttPhotographs by Seattle Wedding photographer Kristen Honeycutt

Venue: Hidden Meadows Snohomish, WA

Photography: Kristen Honeycutt Photographer

Coordinator: Lindeman Weddings and Events

Officiant: Annemarie Juhlian


  1. Becky Haight says:

    Gift card giveaway?! I’m in – well depending what this gift card is tooo…. I would have a couple of options. I would probably buy some picture frames for my house to put up more pictures! I really need to do something with the blank walls..sad. Or I would use your photography skills to take some really nice family pictures…options are good.

  2. aubrey says:

    Yay! I need a family session so badly! Hope I win!!!

  3. Ali Marshall says:

    hi hi hi. I already like you on facebook. I would use the $100 toward my trip to Italy with my mom, in which I’m leaving in 1 week from today! wooo so excited! Also excited to see the website!

  4. Megan Neal says:

    I would use it on a couples session with the hubby. We are in desperate need of some pictures together, since the only good wedding photo of ours that turned out cute was of the backs of our heads. phooey!

  5. Christine Renfrow says:

    I would do family pics and Kellen’s 3 year pics – poor second kid, he never gets them on time!

  6. um…our yearly fall photo session with you of course!

  7. Katie Smith says:

    I would love to use the gift-card for an anniversary session on our 1 year:) OR!! Maternity:):) Really any excuse to have beautiful pictures by you.

  8. Hailey says:

    Fun giveaway, and I am excited to see the new site! I would love a gift card to use towards a family session with you guys!

  9. Katrina Wahlbrink says:

    Hmm..I might use it to buy my husbands father’s day present. I’m thinking he deserves a fun day of golf. Can’t wait to check out the new website!

  10. Nicole says:

    YES! Would use for more wonderful family pics!! Or maybe pics of my brand new baby neice/nephew!

  11. Eva says:

    If I would be so lucky as to win a $100 gift card I would use it for either our one year anniversary photos…or ::CROSSING FINGERS:: for a maternity shoot. We’re trying! Pray for us! I already ‘like’ you on FB so we’re good there. 🙂

  12. marcie paternoster says:

    I would definitely use it toward a baby package for baby #3 coming in June!

  13. Lisa says:

    I would love to use the $100 Gift Card for an Engagement session. I’m not engaged yet…but those are just minor details that could be figured out later! 🙂

  14. Emma says:

    I would use the Gift Card toward our wedding photo’s, I’m so excited to have you as our photographer! Yay..

  15. jessica Doleshel says:

    I would spend the $100 towards getting pictures taken by the beautiful and talented Kristen Honeycutt of baby Nolan (due this summer) 1st baby HAS to be well documented- Happy Nurses week, hope to work with you soon!

  16. Mariah says:

    I would fly my boy home for an awesome photo shoot!!

  17. Jen says:

    Definitely in for a gift card 🙂

  18. Jenn says:

    I would use it for our wedding album… you took SOOOO many ridiculously amazing pictures, I need as many pages as I can get in one album!!

    p.s. the wedding above is PHENOM!! Gorgeous couple, cute wedding, and you, as always, did a terrific job capturing it ALL!! xoxo jpj

  19. Lindsey says:

    Hi Kristen! I would use it to take more family pics. It’s been over a year!! Ella doesn’t even look like the same baby anymore! Hope to see you soon!

  20. Amie Weisert says:

    We can’t wait for you to be there with us on our wedding day!!! Coming up soon 🙂 If we won, I would *hopefully* use it towards a maternity/baby shoot within the coming year. Crossing my fingers!

  21. Monique Gregoire says:

    Love this photos! And can’t wait to see the photos you take of our wedding. Would definitely use the $100 Giftcard giveaway for an additional hour of photos at our wedding. Also, I’m excited to see the new website!

  22. Kris Ross says:

    Well I already like you on Facebook and FB won’t let me like you MORE because they clearly don’t know you. 😉 I would use the $100 towards getting my parents a small album of Kev and I’s wedding. They won’t be able to afford one otherwise and I would love to present that to them as a gift after the wedding. My mom isn’t much of a softy but getting one of these would make her melt. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the new website!

  23. Marie Falkenborg says:

    Yeah for giveaways!! I would love to use the $100 for our next family session! Oh how I love family sessions!!

  24. Pauline says:

    I would love to use it towards a couples session with my boyfriend of over 3 years. We met in high school and have been together ever since. We are both very committed to making this relationship work in the long run. Recently I started envisioning us taking engagement pictures one day back at our old high school where we first met in our senior hallway, the parking spot that we flirtatiously fought over before we started dating, in our school gym, and bleachers of our football field. However, I just found out that due to remodeling purposes they are tearing down my entire high school to rebuild a new one in its place within the next two years and by that time we will definitely not be engaged by then because we are waiting until I am done with graduate school. So I would love the opportunity to have amazing pictures taken by you within the next two years to commemorate our high school days, how our relationship first started, and the long distance relationship ahead of us in the very near future. And I know that you don’t normally do just couples sessions when the subjects are still dating but I hope this can be an exception 🙂

    (P.S. Sorry this turned out longer than I expected 😛 )

  25. Emily Mac says:

    I would use a $100 gift card toward our wedding photos/album next year. We are so excited to have you as our photographer!

  26. Kirsten says:

    Pick me! Pick me! 🙂

  27. Nick Ricci says:

    We would use it towards our Wedding Photography.

  28. Heidi Bright says:

    Clearly Jeremy and I would use it for our one year anniversary… 6.12.11!!

  29. Jodi says:

    Your skill for shooting all of the details so beautifully is amazing! I just LOVE all of your pictures!!

  30. Jennifer Ritchie says:

    I would use it toward a photo shoot with my parents and my 6 beautiful children. My kids adore their grandparents, and with their health not as good as it used to be I would hate to not capture the bond between them. Your skills are amazing!

  31. Amy says:

    YAY! I love the opportunity to win! I would use it for a photo shoot with just me and my husband! We haven’t had great shots taken of us since our engagement photos 6 years ago…. it’s time! I love your work by the way…. it’s stunning! (oh and I also “liked” you on facebook!)

  32. Whitney Bator says:

    Well that’s a no brainer! We would use the gift card for our wedding photos/wedding album in September. You are amazing and I more than “like” you on facebook already 🙂 So pick me, pick me!

  33. Sarah J. says:

    Hey Kristen, I know what I’d do with the 100 dollar gift card…I’d apply it toward an engagement photo guest book for all my guests to sign. I REALLY want to do the photo guest book, I think it is so precious and it would give James and I memories forever. That is if we get to do our engagement session without getting rained out!! 🙂

  34. Jessica says:

    So excited to see the new blog/site! The one you have now is pretty darn cute already, so I can’t wait to see what you have come up with 🙂
    I would use the $100 giftcard towards prints!! 9 days until the wedding, and I know I will want to buy some giant prints of your lovely shots!

  35. Jeff says:

    Well, I’d definitely use the gift card towards the photobooth for our wedding next weekend! I don’t think our wedding would be complete without a Kristen Honeycutt photobooth album!

  36. Karin & Ryan says:

    […] Thank you to Kristen Honeycut Photo Co. for these!  You can see her full blog post here. […]

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