Seattle Washington Family Portraits: Bright Eyes, Round 3

You might remember this face from HERE or HERE. This family is moving to St. Louis, but they wanted one more Seattle portrait session before they went. Of course, I was thrilled- this cutie is so much fun, and I love to watch the little ones grow and change! And believe me, this girl is on the move now! No longer are the days of those easy 6-month portraits, where I could plop her in one spot and shoot. I think this happened 10 times- she would wiggle loose and just come running down the hill at me. Haha, I loved it, and she was definitely loving it!

I think this must be my favorite from the set. Such genuine smiles from mom and daughter .There was a very lively game of sock puppets. TOO cute. 🙂

This really made me giggle- We kept trying to get her to stand or sit, but she just kept scooting down like this and giving me the biggest grin. She’s got such a personality. I think it totally works.

So they won’t forget their time in Seattle…

I’ve said it before, but I just melt for those bright eyes.
Thanks to the D family for another wonderful time. I’ll miss seeing your bright faces, and I wish you safe travels and fun in St. Louis!

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