About Weddings

As a recent bride, I understand the importance of your wedding photography.  I am a helpless romantic and completely smitten by each unique wedding.  There is nothing more personal, and I feel honored to bare witness to such a significant moment.  It is the most beautiful and endearing tradition- declaring your love and commitment in front of those closest to your heart.  Such a cherished day deserves to be documented both artistically and thoughtfully.

As you look through your wedding album, I want you to feel the emotions- the bliss, the tears, the joy, the love.  I want you to remember both the planned and spontaneous moments- the vows, the toasts, the laughter.  But most of all, I want your album to tell your story through stunning images of genuine, sincere, real-life moments.

Each love story is beautifully unique.  I’d love to capture yours.