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Portland Oregon: Double Wedding Weekend

Think two sisters getting married in the same weekend is crazy? Nope- such a blast! These two girls made some gorgeous brides, and it was such an honor to witness their days! I had so much fun at these weddings. Each was unique, beautiful, and absolutely romantic. The weekend was wonderful- we couldn’t have had any better weather, and things seemed to play out just perfectly. Congratulations ladies! Here come the pictures…
Friday’s wedding:

the getaway carI love the getting ready shots

and I never grow tired of the walk down the aisle

they had the cutest “first kiss”
and then they were off
Saturday’s wedding;
giving away the bride

the vows

I love this shot of the mother of the bride. So proud.

After the ceremony they rode in a canoe to the reception across the lake. So breathtaking!

the sweet things:

The cake cutting is always fun to watch. You never know how it’s going to play out! 🙂

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Seattle Washington Family Portraits: Bright Eyes, Round 3

You might remember this face from HERE or HERE. This family is moving to St. Louis, but they wanted one more Seattle portrait session before they went. Of course, I was thrilled- this cutie is so much fun, and I love to watch the little ones grow and change! And believe me, this girl is on the move now! No longer are the days of those easy 6-month portraits, where I could plop her in one spot and shoot. I think this happened 10 times- she would wiggle loose and just come running down the hill at me. Haha, I loved it, and she was definitely loving it!

I think this must be my favorite from the set. Such genuine smiles from mom and daughter .There was a very lively game of sock puppets. TOO cute. 🙂

This really made me giggle- We kept trying to get her to stand or sit, but she just kept scooting down like this and giving me the biggest grin. She’s got such a personality. I think it totally works.

So they won’t forget their time in Seattle…

I’ve said it before, but I just melt for those bright eyes.
Thanks to the D family for another wonderful time. I’ll miss seeing your bright faces, and I wish you safe travels and fun in St. Louis!

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he makes me proud

Meet my big brother.
F-16 pilot for the U.S. Air Force.
When I look at these pictures, I can’t believe it’s the same boy that use to get in hair-pulling fights with me, wear MC Hammer pants, and do Urkel impressions. But there he is- a grown man who makes sacrifices for our country daily, and serves without question. He makes me so proud, and I couldn’t be more grateful for his efforts.
Love you bro.

Another pilot and friend.The McChord Air Force Base Air Show- All day long there were long lines of people waiting to shake the hand of these two. This boy had 20 questions for him, and my brother answered every one with a smile. It made me smile too.

Okay, I also wanted to post some more sneak peeks- I’ve got a lot of them waiting! Here are a few from some of my most recent sessions/events. As always, there will be more to follow!

Love those bright eyes.

From my 8-8-08 wedding.

These dogs kept me running!

From my 8-9-08 wedding. S+A

From last night’s session. Two boys with the freedom to pick their own outfits= so much fun.

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sneaky peeky

the wedding day essentials

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